Summer Chaos at Theta Station

Too many balls in the air! I’m glad I’m not actually in space as I juggle the next few weeks. Those balls would stay up there and never come down. Sounds like a problem Bae would have…

It’s that time of year again. Do I chill out for the summer at Camp Nanowrimo? Should I have a few sleepless nights with the NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Competition? Or should I concentrate on completing Book 2 of the Bioforce series? Throw in the last few weeks of online schooling chaos (shout out to the amazing teachers who were thrust into that!), and a summer without a prospect of summer camps of the child kind, and I wonder if I should let a few of those balls drop, at least temporarily.

But no! Having had my second (record breaking!) COVID vaccine shot*, survived the following 48 hours of flu like fugue, and the last day of school, I am on the rebound, it’s time to weigh the pro’s and con’s of a summer devoted to work, play and of course writing.

My son and I have embarked on a mysterious detective trail which should keep him entertained for at least five minutes. I have also taken to reading the completed chapters of Book 2 to him as this generates a lot of discussion and some quite mad ideas, one of which I have actually incorporated. While I work (with reduced summer hours), he will take freestyle science lessons, and when I stop working we will do the experiments together… at least that is the hope of myself and my mother. I shudder to think what will happen if he embarks on them by himself. If you hear nothing more from me, you may understand why!

Since he has taken an interest in Bae’s journey, and the writing process in general, we will also be challenging each other to write flash fiction over the summer, me in preparation for that NYC madness, and he in deference to his support worker to maintain his handwriting skills, which are a sight to behold. Having seen what just six words can do, I look forward to reading his stories.

I will of course be catching up with my review pile – thank you to those of you who are enstrusting your works to me – and hopefully catching a few moments of sleep in there.

May your summer be golden, but not too too hot.

*with grateful thanks to the Toronto University Hospital Network who were the real record breakers.