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Greetings from Theta Station. If you happen to be passing by from Mars or the belt please stop in and try our one of a kind delicious blue burgers at our new restaurant Awooga!

Alien a la Carte

Who Am I?

I’m LizaRose, writer, reader, engineer, armchair astronaut and mother, though not necessarily in that order. Originally from the UK, I now live in Canada with my three generation family (I’m a sandwich filling!).

When not at work, I spend my hours with my son, ideally doing things I can write about afterwards, except when I’m writing about Bae and his adventures. This is where I share my flash fiction stories, my ideas (good and bad), my reviews of books I have read, and my writing experiences.

It can be lonely up here in the stars and I love the company of a good book and I’m happy to share them with you in my reviews!

In case you are wondering what or where Theta Station is, follow my Alien a la Carte posts!!

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