Welcome to Theta Station!

Greetings from Theta Station. If you happen to be passing by from Mars or the belt please stop in and try the one-of-a-kind delicious blue lichen burgers at our new restaurant Awooga!

Alien a la Carte

Welcome to Theta Station, home of LizaRose Alderson, author, reader, engineer, armchair astronaut and mother, though not necessarily in that order. Originally from the UK, I now live in Canada with my three generation family (I’m a sandwich filling!) and can be found in my natural habitat of Toronto, when I’m not staring into (or writing about) outer space.

When not at work, I spend my hours with my son, ideally, doing things I can write about afterwards, except when I’m writing about Bae and his adventures. This is where I share flash fiction stories, random ideas (good and bad), reviews of books I have read, and my writing experiences. New to the site, Author interviews with those, who like me, like to create life on the page.

It can be lonely up here in the stars. In case you are wondering what or where Theta Station is, follow my Alien a la Carte posts!!

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