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LizaRose Alderson was born in Widnes, UK and lives in Toronto, Ontario. Alien a la Carte (May 2020) is the first in the space faring series about Bioforce xeno-nutritionist Bae and companions whose mission is to ensure the survival of the human race, one menu at a time. 

For more information: https://lizarose.ca.


Unlike her main character LizaRose is not a culinary expert, nor can she profess to be a xeno-nutritionist. The closest she has come to alien lifeforms is what she has grown in a coffee cup at the office.

An engineer by accident, through a series of wonderful misadventures, LizaRose originally began blogging about her career as an engineer, before blogging became a thing. Being too early to set a trend, by several years, she gave up on the idea of writing at that time, and decided to emigrate to Canada, where she joined an eclectic team of safety engineers. Often verbose in her reports, LizaRose returned to writing, by way of flash fiction, as a way to improve her succinctness.  In doing so, she rekindled her love of weird and wonderful words, and began to develop an imaginary world, ostensibly for her young son but, really for herself.

Alien a la Carte is the first novel in the Bioforce series about a remarkable ship and its crew whose job it is to ensure the survival of the human race as they spread out across the stars. All the colonists need is food, shelter and water, and the Bioforce team is there to make sure that the colonists have a full stomach, one menu at a time.

A licensed member of PEO, LizaRose still works as an engineer and spends her free time with her young son and her mother, performing as a generational sandwich filling.

For more information: https://lizarose.ca