Book Review: Nothing

by RJ Goldman

Juana has a secret, but it’s not only hers to share and when she is faced with unwanted attention, her (un)natural reaction opens her up to publicity that she doesn’t want or need. This will have life changing consequences not only for her, but for her siblings. Their secret revealed, they pull together like never before, with grim results. Can they maintain their everyday lives or will they be in danger for ever?

I don’t normally review novella’s but this one caught my attention and I’m glad it did. It’s a tightly written story of family and trust with a believable speculative premise.

The opening reveals a situation that many people can relate to. How often have you wondered about being able to react just as Juana does. But here, the author skillfully points up the consequences of the gift, a fear of being revealed to be different, of loss of control, that not only Juana but her siblings could be revealed.

Later, with the family, in the short time we are with them, we see the differing dynamics between siblings, the tensions and the love.

Verging on a YA book, this speculative fiction piece is all on point. Fast paced scenes, emotional engagement, a gripping story – check, check and check. I hope there is a sequel, because I would like to read it!

A solid 5 stars and I don’t even have a favorite character in this one, it’s a deftly handled ensemble piece.

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