Book Review Policy

In light of the FTC’s new policies regarding online reviews and disclosure, I confirm that all books reviewed here are purchased by the reviewer or donated for an honest review. No money is received for the reviews written.

Since I offer free reviews, I go by the 50 pages approach. If after 50 pages I am not enjoying the book, it will receive one star. In this case, I will notify the author and provide feedback but will not publish the review unless requested to do so by the author.

I currently accept the following types of book for review:

  • Speculative Fiction – all types
  • Murder Mysteries – Cozy
  • General Mysteries (Think Villa in Italy) – All

I accept books from all publishers including indie publishers but please make sure that your book has been edited first. I am a beta reader elsewhere, but for submission here, the book should be in its final published state.

I prefer books to be available electronically but will also consider paper copies (paperback or hardback) if your book has been published that way.

If you would like your book reviewing, please contact me at including the following information:

  • Author Name
  • Publisher (or Self Published)
  • Title of Book
  • Publishing Date
  • Synopsis
  • Link to Book on Amazon or Kobo (for review)
  • Front Cover Image

I will respond to all requests, confirm whether I can review your book or not, and try to provide a timeline on when you can expect to see your review posted on this site.

On average I expect to review a book within four weeks of receipt at this time. If you need your book reviewed by a specific date please include that information with your request.

I only score on a 5 star basis, but each of those stars has an associated meaning for me:

  1. Opening and ending
  2. Story plot and twists
  3. Language and prose
  4. Humour and pathos
  5. World Building and characters

I might give a half star in some categories so the final rating is an aggregate.

If it hits all of those points, and I would read again, then a five star rating is the reward.