Unearthly Appetizer

Coming soon-ish … Book 2 of the exploits of Bae and friends as they explore strange new worlds and taste strange new flavours with the Bioforce team.

Im working on it. Honestly. I have about half of the book written. I could say that I took a break while on lockdown, but that would be untrue. I have simply been procrastinating … while I wait for inspiration to strike. I don’t mean the inspiration of muse, or wild ideas. I’m currently waiting for a solution to materialize.

I have group A installed on a colony planet, with a few teething troubles. I have group B merrily whizzing about on a space ship (guess who is in group B!). Then I have group C, at home on their own planet, and who have to get together with group A at the behest of group B, and then all hell can break loose. Except, there is no reason for all hell to break loose. Hence my waiting …

I could (and probably will) rewrite chunks of the story and come at the problem from a different angle. I could use my brand new Christmas present from my son to make notes and diagrams on possible solutions. He presented me with a notebook and pen and a note that said “We need more Mabel”. And I wouldn’t want to disappoint my son.

So … where to begin. Perhaps I can look at this like a math problem. If I write the story as an equation then surely:

(A + C) / B = Trouble 2 + Good Story!

This seems very straight forward. But now I need to expand on the terms A, B and C. Which all seem to be functions of completely different and unrelated variables, and therein lies the problem. I need a common element, like boron, or lithium (ha ha ha … this is how low I have stooped for humour today). In the case of my novel, the common element is possibly a flower, or a mushroom. I’m leaning towards mushrooms, they are already pretty alien when you think about it. But, still the overarching plot has a gaping hole, and while Mabel is large, I don’t think she could fill the entire void. Watch this space… (literal space) until I can fill it!