Book Review: The Death of Mrs Westaway

By Ruth Ware

Ruth Wares inheritance mystery had to my delight some parallels with my old favorite, a Villa In Italy. A cast of intriguing characters, a mysterious late benefactor with a complex history to be discovered, and a protagonist that you can grow to love. 

Hal has had a difficult life and the curious letter about a possible inheritance provides her with an ideal escape, even if it’s not meant for her.

Now I never read the prologue, until I have read the book, and in this case I’m glad. While it delivers a sense of mystery, the opening chapter did more to grab my attention.

I have to admit the setting got to me, Wares had me from “package of fish and chips”. No other image provokes quite a sense of homesickness in me. Otherwise, the backdrop could have been any beach side resort and it’s easy for a reader from anywhere to relate to the dreary life of Hal at the start of the story.

The plot has many tumbles and twists and delivers a satisfying ending. The house in which Hal finds herself has a touch of the house at Manderley about it, dark and foreboding, an interesting backdrop against which Hal explores the mysteries of Mrs Westaway.

I give the book a rating of 5.  A satisfying and robust read, and you could read it again. 

Favorite Quote: “…clutching the damp package of fish and chips grimly under one arm” Mmm! yummy 😉

Favorite Character: the late Mrs Westaway

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.