COVID19 – A lesson in hope?

OK. Let’s address the elephant in the room. COVID19 has so far been a curse and a blessing. At home we have had a mild form of it, and it was not a pleasant experience. Neither is the loss of our freedom of movement, and observing the substantial loss of life is soul destroying. 

The mixed messaging from some quarters is also not particularly useful when we need to pull together as a planet – COVID19 is not just affecting one country but the whole globe. That’s the definition of pandemic after all. It means that the whole world needs the same things at the same time, and the planet is not geared up for production. Competing for the same resources in a time of great uncertainty is driving up panic and scaremongering.

So, let me posit – today is actually no different from four months ago, before anyone had heard of COVID19. The world was competing for the same resources in a time of great uncertainty. Except there were already winners and losers. Some would have it that the next great wars will not be about policy or oil, but about water. Some might have it that that war has already been fought and lost by the many countries who have limited drinking water resources.

So, maybe today is different in that countries that have not truly suffered from droughts are suffering losses now.  This war is not one we can win by dividing and fighting each other. This war is one where we stand together and win, or divide and the human race could fall.

Overly dramatic? Perhaps, but this is likely the first of several pandemics that have been postulated by those in the know – where climate change is bringing about more conducive environs in which such viruses can materialize. Even they don’t truly know what will happen next. And yes, I do think the WHO, despite all the limits that they have, do an excellent job.

However, in true colonial spirit, I look for a silver lining. If we pull together now, we set a precedent for being able to truly work together as a species. If we can cooperate, and win the battle against COVID19, if we can be ready for the next one, if we can work together to solve the planets ecological issues, then we can avoid those wars, and the worsening droughts that are already starting to hit some of the plains of the west. 

And, my own personal silver lining. I get to spend more time with my wonderful son, who is not oblivious to the worlds woes at the age of 8, but I wish he could be.

One thought on “COVID19 – A lesson in hope?”

  1. As John Donne said “No man is an island…,……..(ask not) for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee”.
    Sometimes I wish Mr Trump knew some of the classics.

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